Turning Caffeine Into Well-Written Code

Hello there! I’m Ben Lacey, and I’m thrilled to welcome you to my blog, which is dedicated to all things website development. If you’re passionate about building the digital world and want to unravel the mysteries of coding, you’re in the right spot.

A Legacy of 2,500+ Websites…

He worked on the ADS Group website (parent company to the Farnborough Airshow) through to laying down the digital floorboards for V4 Wood Flooring. Ben’s coded his way through a myriad of industries. Aerospace, E-Commerce, Plumbing, Home Security, Landscaping, Chauffeuring, and more – over 300 websites bear the mark of Ben’s expertise!

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The Toolbox of a Tech Maestro

PHP, Python, WordPress, JavaScript, Composer, Docker… Ben’s toolbox is a treasure trove of tech, ready to guide you through the vast seas of development tools and technologies. With insights gleaned from essential books like “Clean Code” and “Clean Architecture“, he hopes to write more book reviews when time allows.

Automate, Elevate, and Celebrate

Ben’s philosophy? Work smarter, not harder! With a knack for semi-automating development and code workflows, you’re set to discover tips, tricks, and insights that’ll elevate your coding and make your digital life a breeze.

Embark on a Digital Adventure

Ready to dive into a world where web development wisdom is sprinkled with a dash of wit and a whole lot of personality? Stick around, explore, and if you’re feeling particularly bold, hire Ben to sprinkle a bit of his digital magic on your projects!

The Spark of Inspiration

The spark for this blog ignited when Ben realised how many aspiring developers are out there seeking guidance and clarity. Drawing from his own journey, he saw an opportunity to simplify complex development concepts for beginners and offer fresh insights to guide and hopefully improve their coding journeys.

Ben’s journey wasn’t confined to a single path and he has explored a multitude of website technologies. From mastering Python for browser automation and Cross-Browser testing using Selenium to diving into the world of website security and ethical hacking.

Ben’s ultimate goal? To cultivate a community of developers who share a passion for crafting exceptional web experiences. With each post, he hopes to spark curiosity, inspire innovation, and nurture a supportive space for exchanging ideas.

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