Great work by Ben, no problem doing the revisions we asked for. Very helpful and easy to work with

Ashley Davies – Blocksphere

Our plumbing business, hired Ben for his expertise managing Pay-Per-Click campaigns, with the aim of increasing our online visibility and customer engagement. We launched several campaigns under Ben’s guidance, including ‘Emergency Plumbing Solutions’ and ‘Eco-Friendly Home Plumbing’. Initially, the return on investment for these campaigns was lower than we anticipated, which was a bit concerning given our budget constraints.

Ben’s approach to refining these campaigns was methodical and data-driven. For example, in the ‘Emergency Plumbing Solutions’ campaign, he fine-tuned the ad copy and targeted keywords, which significantly improved our click-through rates and lead quality. Similarly, for ‘Eco-Friendly Home Plumbing’, Ben adjusted the targeting demographics, aligning them more closely with environmentally conscious homeowners, which resulted in a higher conversion rate.

Lucas Johnson – Derby

We contacted Ben to build a Laravel application for our business. The final product was robust, demonstrating Ben’s strong coding skills and his understanding of Laravel. We appreciated his approach to security and code quality, which speaks volumes about his professional standards.

While the technical aspects were handled excellently, we found the user interface design less intuitive than anticipated. It required us to go back and forth a bit to get it right. Although Ben was responsive to feedback and made the necessary tweaks and he showed great commitment to meeting our needs.

Ben’s expertise in Laravel development is impressive, but for future projects a bit more focus would make his services great. We are satisfied with the outcome and would recommend Ben to potential clients but they should clearly communicate their design expectations upfront.

William Scott – Wells, Somerset

We used Ben’s services for website hack repair. He found the issue that caused the back but fixing the website took longer than expected. There was code in the website somewhere that reinfected the website, so he had to find and remove the code. Overall he did a good job and worked hard but his availability for follow-up support was limited.

Alex Jackson – Portsmouth

Ben’s content writing is creative and engaging, but there were a few instances where the tone didn’t exactly match our brand voice. Overall, the quality is good, but make sure to provide clear guidelines

Jacob Moore – Oxford

Ben’s SEO services helped increase our web traffic, but it took a few months longer than promised to see significant results. I appreciate that marketing results are never guaranteed and he always kept us informed. His strategies are effective, but patience is required

Ethan Williams – Liverpool

I hired Ben for PPC Management, and it turned out to be an excellent decision. His tailored strategies and continuous optimisation led to a substantial increase in our campaign’s ROI. His expertise in digital marketing is unmatched and he made everything easier to understand during the numerous campaign review calls we had.

Amelia Brown – Manchester

Ben’s SEO services have significantly boosted our online presence. We’ve seen a remarkable increase in website traffic and engagement that has led to more sales and store visits. His strategies are effective and results-driven.

Harry Davies – Cardiff, Wales

After a distressing hack, Ben Lacey’s website hack repair service was a lifesaver. His swift and efficient handling of the situation ensured our website was back up and running securely in no time

Olivia Johnson – Belfast, Ireland

I approached Ben for WordPress development, and the results were fantastic. The website is not only visually appealing but also user-friendly. His attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile is truly commendable.

Jack Williams – Edinburgh, Scotland

Ben Lacey’s expertise in Laravel development transformed our website’s functionality. His professional approach and timely delivery exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended for any business in need of top-notch web development services!

Emma Thompson – London

Just to want to say thank you to Ben Lacey for all the great work he has done on understanding my requirements and needs for my new website. He has worked very hard on my project and provided some great marketing advice. The PPC landing page he designed saw impressive results that turned into confirmed bookings.

Daryl Hopkins

We have had a great service from Ben, who we have found to be honest & trustworthy. We will always recommend his services, as he has provided results we could have only dreamed of. Most of our customers now come through from Google searches and his SEO knowledge is second to none.

Phil Stockham

Ben Lacey has been helping me develop my website and improve its position in Google searches. Having used many companies in the past I am pleased to say that he has been the most efficient, most pro-active and conscientious person that I have met in this field. His speed of responses and commitment to achieving results is exceptional and I have no hesitation in recommending him to others. His help allowed me to grow my affiliate revenue significantly and I always welcome his ideas.

Tony Pearce

Wonderful SEO results from our campaign, the shop has been much busier and profitable since choosing his services. Ben vastly improved the website design in 2019 and it has received positive feedback all round. He integrated an online shop section to our website along with email marketing and social media promotion. Very happy with the results of the work done by Ben and have recommended him to others.

Romin Kumar

I found Ben very helpful and he was excellent at explaining how things would work to me in ways that weren’t too technical. He was able to create a website that covers my needs and is easy for me to update with new photos and galleries. I’ve recommended his services to others and I’m very happy with the final website. Ben was always happy to explain things so I could understand them and he was always patient when I forgot things.

Carly Fenn

Ben did a fantastic job of helping us work out technical issues and handle support tickets. He was always quick to respond and fix problems that arose from the system. He proposed some great changes to the website that allowed better auditing, user management, admin features and security. We are very happy with the work done by Ben and he has been great to work with. The changes he introduced have saved us hours answering support tickets and we now have reply templates, which was another great idea to make us more productive.

Sara Damergi

Thanks to his expert SEO services, we have seen an incredible jump to 95,000 website visits! We recently hired Ben Lacey for website and SEO consultancy, he audited our website and it was deemed not suitable and the company that built it failed to provide WordPress plugin licences. He provided insightful advice that helped guide us towards solutions to help our business often giving his advice freely.

From the outset, he demonstrated an exceptional understanding of our business needs and the digital landscape. The most impressive outcome, has been the dramatic increase in our website traffic. This boosted our online presence and also provided tangible business growth. His approach to SEO was comprehensive and tailored specifically to our industry.

He helped with content improvement and optimisation and this saw a lot of keywords where we showed position 1-5 on Google. Hiring Ben has proven to be one of the best strategic moves we’ve made this year as his advice and dedication are unrivalled.

Debbie Rapley

We should have some really nice projects to show off by the end of the month. We have been meaning to get some new jobs over to you but the work load in the office is manic! Seems to be a good number of enquires coming through since the new website went live so that’s good! Everyone has commented on how nice the new website looks compared with what we had before and its really easy for us to add and remove content and recent projects.

Jon Darvill – Owner

I contacted Ben Lacet to see if he could help me with my website. I didn’t have time to keep up to date with everything and it was a bit of a mess. Ben did a website audit to assess the website and see what the problems were. I then received a document with 15 pages of improvements. I was very impressed! I got him to make the changes and since then he has suggested other ways to get better results. I highly recommend Ben.

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