First Page Success

Project Overview

I created First Page Success, a membership website designed specifically for writers seeking feedback on the first page of their creative writing or play scripts. Utilising WordPress, I developed a custom admin area, enabling members to easily manage their accounts and submissions. My focus was on creating an interactive and user-friendly environment where writers could grow and refine their skills.

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Bespoke WordPress Voting System

Each submission added by a member undergoes a meticulous approval process. Once approved, it’s displayed in a members-only area. I engineered a unique WordPress plugin allowing members to vote on submissions, offering insights into whether they’d be compelled to read beyond the first page.

I enabled comment features within WordPress, supplemented by comment approval guidelines to foster constructive and valuable feedback between members.

Project Results

Exclusive features for logged-in members include access to private guidance pages and a wealth of resources. These are meticulously crafted to assist members in deriving the maximum benefit from the website. I also established a system where administrators and moderators can actively participate in the community, offering their insights and driving enriching feedback.

Upon completion of the website, I set up a Virtual Private Server on Amazon Web Services to host the website with auto-scaling enabled. This included the integration of an SSL certificate, reinforcing security for both visitors and administrators. The site not only stands as a testament to technical skill but also to my commitment to creating a secure, engaging community for writers.

Key Achievements

  • Developed a custom WordPress website tailored for writer engagement and feedback.
  • Implemented a unique voting system for submissions, enhancing user interaction.
  • Authored comprehensive guidelines to ensure constructive member feedback.
  • Created exclusive resources and private pages for registered members, adding value to the membership.
  • Secured the website with SSL certification, ensuring data safety and user trust.
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