Hampshire Garage Doors

Project Overview

Following the successful launch of their initial website, Lockrite Security approached me to create a bespoke website dedicated to their Roller Garage Doors. I spearheaded the planning and execution of an SEO campaign, Pay Per Click management and social media to maximise its sales potential.

My goal was to streamline the user experience, ensuring that the website’s singular focus made it simple for customers to find exactly what they were looking for. This approach paid off, with visitors engaging more deeply with the site, demonstrated by longer visit duration and more page views per session.

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Project Results

The competitive nature of the roller garage door industry meant that it was crucial to stand out. Despite the high competition, my SEO and marketing strategies began to show promising results after a few months.

Starting from scratch, I took on the challenge of infusing the new website with SEO value, which involved building links and establishing authority in the niche.

Where this was hosted on a new domain, Google would sandbox the website for 6 months to assess performance. This meant that the first 6 months was focused on Pay Per Click and Social Media Campaigns to get initial sales.

The primary objective was to attract enquiries from roller garage door prospects in Hampshire. To do this, I wrote content that aligned with the SEO strategy to ensure the website reached and resonated with the target audience.

Working under a tight deadline, I successfully completed and launched the website on time, incorporating advanced security measures. This upgrade was vital in bolstering the website’s credibility and safeguarding user data.

Key Achievements

  • Successfully launched a bespoke, mobile-friendly WordPress website for Hampshire Garage Doors, focusing on user experience and product information.
  • Implemented effective SEO strategies that led to increased engagement, with visitors staying longer and exploring multiple pages.
  • Overcame industry competition, with SEO efforts yielding significant results within a few months of the website’s launch.
  • Developed and executed a comprehensive SEO and marketing strategy targeting potential customers in specific regions.
  • Ensured timely project completion with additional security measures implemented.
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