iFocal Media

Project Overview

I was approached by the business owner with a request to design and build a WooCommerce website that would showcase their work and allow customers to place bookings.

The owner sought my expertise in web design and WordPress development to help improve their existing website. They needed a fresh and engaging website design using existing company brand assets and colours.

Company Introduction

iFocal Media specialise in professional Sikh wedding photography and cinematography, using high-end DSLR cameras, cranes, drones and glide tracks to capture the essence of your special day in a stunning video.

Coming soon.

Challenges and Limitations

A significant challenge was that their current website was not optimised for mobile devices. Where a substantial portion of web traffic comes from smartphones and tablets, this was an area that needed significant work.

I demonstrated to the client how the new design would seamlessly adapt to various screen sizes and devices ensuring an optimal viewing experience for his potential customers.

In designing the website, it was crucial to contemplate what information would be most relevant and engaging to visitors. The layout was meticulously planned to ensure that each element was placed thoughtfully, providing an intuitive and enjoyable user experience.

As a dedicated professional in Sikh wedding photography and cinematography, the project entailed creating a website that would not only highlight my artistic skills but also be user-friendly and accessible across all devices.

Key Achievements

  • Enhanced Online Presence: Developed a visually stunning and informative website that truly encapsulates the essence of iFocal Media’s wedding photography services.
  • Mobile Optimisation: Successfully revamped the website to be fully responsive, ensuring a flawless experience on smartphones and tablets.
  • User-Centric Design: Focused on user experience, creating a layout that is both intuitive and engaging for visitors, leading to increased user interaction.
  • Collaborative Development: Effectively collaborated with the selected web developer, ensuring a seamless transition from design to live website.
  • Brand Representation: Created a design that accurately reflects the brand’s ethos and artistic vision, enhancing its market appeal.
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