Project Overview

My experience with My360Plus began when they approached me for assistance with their WordPress website. They had faced challenges with a previous freelance developer and were in need of a reliable solution.

Their primary requirement was the addition of a secondary menu in the website’s header, which they wanted to manage directly through WordPress. I developed a user-friendly solution, enabling them to easily update and add links to this menu using the WordPress menu manager.

The WordPress theme initially in use had several limitations, including hard-coded text and links that required programming knowledge to modify. I made these aspects of the website more accessible, allowing the My360Plus team to manage updates independently. This involved reconfiguring the website’s setup, focusing on enhancing usability and client autonomy.

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Project Results

Ensuring mobile responsiveness was a crucial part of the project. I conducted thorough testing across various handheld devices and mobile web browsers to guarantee optimal functionality. This was a vital step in preparing the staging (demo) website for a seamless transition to the live environment, effectively replacing their existing setup.

Following the successful launch of the updated website, My360Plus entrusted me with another significant task: implementing a system for A/B split testing. They sought a method to present different content versions to their visitors, aiming to determine which variation was more effective in generating leads. I provided them with a tailored solution that allowed for efficient and insightful testing of key website sections.

Key Achievements

  • Successfully integrated a customizable secondary menu into the WordPress header, enhancing website navigation and user experience.
  • Transformed the hard-coded theme elements into editable components, facilitating easier content management for the My360Plus team.
  • Ensured full mobile responsiveness of the theme changes, leading to improved accessibility and performance on various devices.
  • Seamlessly migrated the website from a staging environment to a live platform, ensuring zero downtime and data integrity.
  • Implemented an effective A/B split testing strategy, providing valuable insights into content optimisation for lead generation.
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