Carly Fenn Photography

I found Ben very helpful and he was excellent at explaining how things would work to me in ways that weren’t too technical. He was able to create a website that covers my needs and is easy for me to update with new photos and galleries. I’ve recommended his services to others and I’m very happy with the final website. Ben was always happy to explain things so I could understand them and he was always patient when I forgot things.

Carly Fenn

Project Summary

A passionate Farnham-based photographer, Carly Fenn, approached us with a vision: a responsive website to exhibit her photography projects. Having previously built a site for her in 2014, I embarked on a journey to revamp and modernize her online portfolio, ensuring it met today’s web standards and allowed her to manage her content easily.

Carly Fenn Photography captures the essence of moments through the lens. While Carly’s passion for photography never waned, a long-term illness temporarily halted her endeavours. Now rejuvenated and with many captivating photos, she wanted to share her photography with her website. I chose WordPress because of its intuitive admin interface and extensibility with plugins and custom development options.

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Project Objectives

  • Design and develop a responsive website compatible with mobile and tablet devices
  • Empower Carly with the ability to maintain and update the website independently
  • Incorporate a system to feature select photos on the homepage easily
  • Create a custom plugin tailored to manage photography projects

Technologies Used

  • WordPress website development
  • Customised WordPress media manager
  • Bespoke WordPress plugin for content and image management
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • PHP 7.4


The culmination of our efforts is a state-of-the-art, mobile-friendly website showcasing Carly’s stunning photographs and providing her with an intuitive interface to update content. The customisations to the WordPress media manager and the creation of a dedicated plugin have streamlined the process for Carly, allowing her to feature her favourite photos and easily manage her projects.

Challenges and Limitations

The primary challenge was reconciling the differences between 2014 and the present web development standards. Given the rapid evolution of web technologies, ensuring the new site was not just an upgrade but a complete transformation to meet current best practices was imperative.

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