Thanks to his expert SEO services, we have seen an incredible jump to 95,000 website visits! We recently hired Ben Lacey for website and SEO consultancy, he audited our website and it was deemed not suitable and the company that built it failed to provide WordPress plugin licences. He provided insightful advice that helped guide us towards solutions to help our business often giving his advice freely.

From the outset, he demonstrated an exceptional understanding of our business needs and the digital landscape. The most impressive outcome, has been the dramatic increase in our website traffic. This boosted our online presence and also provided tangible business growth. His approach to SEO was comprehensive and tailored specifically to our industry.

He helped with content improvement and optimisation and this saw a lot of keywords where we showed position 1-5 on Google. Hiring Ben has proven to be one of the best strategic moves we’ve made this year as his advice and dedication are unrivalled.

Debbie Rapley

Project Summary

Adelco approached us with a challenge: their existing website, developed by a different firm, was underperforming in search engine rankings. Our mission was to enhance their online visibility, improve website performance, and ensure compliance with software licensing.

Company Introduction

Established in 1972 by Alan Smith, Adelco is a leading manufacturer of Jet Air Conveyor Drying Systems and Oval Automatic Screen Printing Presses, catering to the international garment printing industry. Adelco’s extensive worldwide distribution network spans six continents, offering comprehensive sales and service support.

They have over four decades of manufacturing expertise, with a UK team based in Bordon and another team based in Shanghai, China. Adelco stays at the forefront of garment printing and curing technology, utilising cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and components from top suppliers like Siemens and Honeywell.

Project Objectives

  • Improve Adelco’s visibility in search engine results.
  • Enhance website performance and speed.
  • Ensure website security with SSL certification.
  • Address and rectify licensing issues related to WordPress plugins.
  • Write and improve the website content so it is more informative and helpful.

Technologies Used

  • SSL Certificate for website security
  • Multi-server redundant hosting setup
  • WordPress Development
  • Drupal Development
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Data Studio Website Report


Since our intervention, Adelco has witnessed a significant surge in website traffic originating from search engines. This boost in traffic has directly translated to an increase in enquiries they received from their website.

The monthly SEO service I provided resulted in 95,000 visits to the website over a 6 month period. Before helping with their SEO, they received approximately 2,800 visits in the 6 months before I was contracted to assist.

Challenges and Limitations

One of the primary challenges was discovering that the previous developers had integrated plugins that required licenses, which Adelco did not possess. This oversight meant we had to identify and replace these plugins with viable alternatives, ensuring no loss of functionality.

Originally I audited their current website, and based on the report, they decided to get a new website. They went with a cheap company that had copied the default Twenty Twenty-Two WordPress theme and made modifications.

The proper approach would have been to create a child theme that extended the Twenty Twenty-Two theme to include code changes. This approach allows the parent theme to be updated without losing your changes. When this was mentioned after performing a second website audit, they decided to move to Drupal.

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