WordPress Offers Plugin


The client had a large WordPress website where he wanted to show offers across product ranges and their WooCommerce store. In the past the client created an offer image and would upload this to the relevant pages. The goal of the offers plugin was to have a central place to manage offers, how they are displayed and manage the offer placement across the website.


Using Images Within Pages: Adding an offer image to WordPress and inserting it on the pages took a lot of time to show this across the website pages, products and ranges. When the offer was over, it became a challenge to remove the offer images from the website.

Offer Customisation Options: Creating the offer image took time and it would often clash with their brand colours. Making it easy to change the colours per offer was important.

In-store and Online Coupons: Linking a WooCommerce coupon to the offer. Have the plugin list all available coupons and link the coupon to the offer. This means that the client could simply update the coupon in WooCommerce and it would update across all offers.

Reduce Time Adding and Removing Offers: The old way of adding offers to the website took the client 5 hours to show the offers on the website. They would then need to spend 5 hours removing the offer from the website when the offer ceases.

Automatically Remove Expired Offers and Coupons:

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