DeLaBaie Skincare

Project Overview

DeLaBaie Skincare came to me after experiencing limited success with another agency, seeking my expertise for a professional E-Commerce website redesign. Referred by a satisfied client, they needed a platform that not only showcased their specialist skincare products but also made purchasing effortless for visitors.

Through extensive discussions and meticulous research, I steered the project from initial concepts to the final design, constantly refining to meet DeLaBaie’s vision. Partnering closely with them over several months, I took the lead in developing the website, enriching it with content and their product range.

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Website Redesign

My approach to the website redesign was to let DeLaBaie’s products shine. I chose a subtle color palette, ensuring the product images remained the focal point. My role extended to sourcing and selecting images that complemented and enhanced their product display.

In line with DeLaBaie’s branding strategy, I introduced colors for different product ranges using pastel shades, subtly distinguishing them while keeping the spotlight on the products.

Magento E-Commerce Website

I used Magento for the E-Commerce platform, I identified that DeLaBaie’s existing hosting solution was insufficient. To remedy this, I took charge of installing, configuring, and securing a dedicated Linux server tailored for their Magento needs.

This comprehensive solution involved setting up DNS records, establishing self-hosted email accounts, and implementing a control panel for streamlined server management.

MailChimp Email Newsletter

In addition to the website, I designed a custom MailChimp newsletter template for DeLaBaie Skincare. I integrated a sign up form on the website, enabling visitors to subscribe to their monthly newsletter.

This not only showcased their top-selling products but also laid the foundation for building a product-centric customer base, driving additional sales and customer engagement.

Project Results

Reflecting on this collaboration with DeLaBaie Skincare, several key achievements stand out:

  • Successfully transitioned DeLaBaie Skincare to a robust, dedicated hosting environment, optimising their E-Commerce performance.
  • Enhanced the online brand presence with a meticulously designed, user-friendly E-Commerce website.
  • Implemented a strategic color system for product categorisation, improving user navigation and product discoverability.
  • Developed a MailChimp newsletter campaign that significantly increased customer engagement and sales.
  • Built a scalable, secure online platform, setting the stage for DeLaBaie Skincare’s future growth and market expansion.
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