Flowers Express

Project Overview

In 2012, Flowers Express reached out to me for help with their website. My role extended beyond mere maintenance; I elevated their website’s visibility in search engines that drove significant website traffic and affiliate revenue earnings.

My engagement with Flowers Express spanned several years, focusing on enhancing and sustaining the website’s content along with consistent Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The initial months were dedicated to addressing technical issues and bolstering on-page SEO and backlink profiles.

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Initial Challenges

The website initially lacked essential tracking mechanisms, making it impossible to discern which pages were generating the most clicks and conversions for their affiliate setup. The SEO challenge was formidable; the website primarily promoted third-party products, earning commission on sales.

To overcome these challenges, I implemented Google Analytics, enabling us to monitor site traffic and discern effective strategies. I employed the client’s budget judiciously to outsmart competitors. With essential website usage statistics at our disposal, it became feasible to identify trends and apply enhancements regularly.

The client had a HTML website that was based on a template that was difficult for the client to maintain. I migrated the website over to WordPress so the owner could easily add new affiliate products and manage hundreds of affiliate links.

SEO Results

The results were impressive: within eight months, the website experienced a 138% surge in unique visitors, translating to an increase of 9,955 visitors. This spike in traffic significantly boosted sales for Flowers Express, placing their website on Google’s first page for numerous competitive keywords.

Key Achievements

The SEO campaign yielded remarkable outcomes:

  • An influx of 39,463 visits from search engines in a year.
  • Achieving first-page rankings for over 250 competitive search terms.
  • A strategy focused on link-building and enhancing the website’s domain authority.
  • A notable increase in affiliate earnings due to our efforts.
  • Enhancements to the WordPress site, including a custom theme development based on an approved design.
  • Simplification of the process for the website owner to update affiliate links and products.

The collaboration with Flowers Express stands as a testament to my ability to drive significant digital growth. From technical fixes to strategic SEO campaigns, the results underscore the effectiveness of a tailored approach in online marketing.

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