Project Overview

I was introduced to Rugmart as they were in need of a reliable resource to make changes to their website and enhance their search engine rankings through search engine optimisation.

In our first year of collaboration, significant improvements were made to their website, resulting in an impressive 240,000 search engine visits for competitive search terms. I ensured the implementation of all necessary monitoring tools and addressed numerous errors on the website.

By introducing custom image galleries with an, “Enquire About This Rug” feature it improved enquiries by 300% in the first month and made it easier for sales reps to identify the rug style by including an image of the rug with the enquiry.

Not only was the website design enhanced in 2019, but I also worked diligently to improve the website’s loading speed, which notably increased the duration of visitor engagement and product add to cart metrics.

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Initial Challenges

My first task was conducting an SEO audit to identify areas for enhancement. This audit revealed several issues including broken links, duplicate content, insecure content, missing SEO metadata, and excessive use of WordPress tags. The comprehensive 15-page SEO audit report outlined these issues that were impacting their search result rankings.

I addressed the duplicate content issues in WordPress, enhanced the overall content, and refined their backlink profile to strengthen their rankings. My expertise in WordPress development allowed me to recode the theme with a focus on boosting site speed by implementing efficient image loading techniques.

I significantly improved the content on all pages, resulting in longer visitor engagement and better search rankings. I contributed to writing blog posts that assisted customers in selecting the perfect rug and choosing the best style for their budget.

SEO Results

Since partnering with Rugmart, their rankings on Google and Bing have significantly improved. Through our dedicated SEO services, Rugmart now ranks number 1 for over 300 medium to high competition keyword searches.

The SEO campaign led to an astounding 600,000 visits (3,594% increase) from search engines over a 3 year timeframe. This saw a massive boost in shop visits, phone calls, and sales.

Initially, Rugmart wasn’t ranking for searches like “Contemporary Rugs Surrey”, “Wool Rugs Surrey”, “Vintage Rugs Surrey”, or “Vintage Faded Rugs”. My meticulous SEO analysis and campaign strategies have propelled them to the top, achieving number 1 rankings in Google and Bing for over 500 keyword searches where they previously had no search visibility.

Key Achievements

  • In 12 months, Organic SEO traffic surged by 1,947%, leading to significantly more enquiries, shop visits, and sales.
  • Our link-building efforts boosted Rugmart’s domain authority surpassing several local competitors.
  • Adding an Enquire about this rug feature saw an 300% increase in enquiries during the first month.
  • Achieved and maintained number 1 rankings in Google and Bing for over 500 keyword searches over several months.
  • In the first year, we saw an increase of 240,000 visits to the website from search engines.
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