Signal Hill International

Project Overview

One of the key requirements for the website was giving visitors the ability to book appointments to speak to the owner at events he was attending. It was essential for them to have an event system to manage upcoming and past events efficiently.

When Signal Hill approached me, their needs were clear: create a dynamic website that could be easily updated with information, images and events using a laptop and mobile phone.

Company Introduction

Signal Hill International provides consulting to consumer goods companies who are looking to expand their sales internationally.

Although the client had an established logo and color scheme, their digital presence was limited to LinkedIn interactions, with no existing website. The client was looking for a basic website that was easy to update, with a view of improving the website over time.

WordPress Development

I chose to build their new website using WordPress, renowned for its user-friendly interface. With WordPress on the brink of launching Gutenberg, their innovative content editor, I took the opportunity to integrate all of its advanced features into the website development.

A custom WordPress plugin was developed to manage event listings and facilitate appointment bookings. The website was designed to be mobile-friendly, incorporating the latest techniques in website performance to ensure rapid page loading.

Finding high-quality images posed a challenge as the client didn’t have any. I sourced them from various image stock websites to enhance the site’s visual appeal.

Coming soon

Project Results

  • Seamless Integration: Developed a website that fully integrates with Gutenberg, offering cutting-edge content management capabilities.
  • Customized Functionality: Designed a bespoke plugin for event management and appointment bookings, tailored to the client’s specific needs.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Achieved complete mobile responsiveness, ensuring accessibility and optimal user experience on various devices.
  • Optimized Performance: Utilized advanced web performance techniques for faster loading times, significantly improving user engagement.
  • Visual Appeal: Curated high-quality imagery from stock websites to create a visually striking online presence for the client.
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