V4 Wood Flooring

During the redevelopment of the website, I focused on enhancing the product management features to streamline maintenance. This entailed incorporating custom meta boxes into the WordPress product area, enabling data storage and display through a bespoke page template.

My initial encounter with V4 Wood Flooring revealed their struggles with Facebook advertising and Google Pay Per Click, yielding minimal return on investment. Consequently, visitors rarely engaged deeply with the website, often limiting their interaction to a single page visit without returning.

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My Approach to Enhancement

I began by thoroughly redesigning and rebuilding the website, aligning it more closely with the company’s professional image. Enhancements included full mobile compatibility and a refined content layout, elevating the overall user experience.

Transformative Results

In close collaboration with V4, I revitalized the content and restructured the website. Post-launch, the site’s organic SEO traffic soared by 85% within just three months. I meticulously managed redirects for altered or removed pages to preserve SEO rankings.

Additionally, I executed several modifications to their WordPress theme, simplifying future updates. The original website’s high bounce rate was a clear indicator of its inadequacies. By revamping the layout, I observed a notable increase in visitor engagement and direct customer inquiries.

Overcoming Technical Challenges

Given V4’s status as the UK’s premier hardwood flooring distributor and manufacturer with over 800 stockists, the project’s complexity was heightened. Their initial store locator, incompatible with the latest WordPress version, necessitated not only a replacement but also the painstaking task of manually transferring all company listings to the new system.

Enhanced Online Visibility

Conducting a comprehensive SEO audit, I identified issues like duplicate content, inconsistent h1 tags, usability glitches, and structural problems within the WordPress setup. V4 Wood Flooring’s aspiration to revamp their website design and address audit findings led to the decision to rebuild the site. This reconstruction, centered on mobile optimization, established a robust foundation for future developments.

SEO Achievements

My tenure with V4 Wood Flooring saw them ascend to page one on search engines for over 30 keywords. Here are some highlights of the keywords I successfully optimized:

  • Engineered Wood Flooring Surrey
  • Wood Flooring Manufacturer Surrey
  • High-Quality Wood Flooring Surrey

As the company established itself more firmly, its dependency on search engine optimization decreased. While their rankings have dipped due to reduced Google optimization efforts, their expanded customer base continues to ensure a steady workflow.

Diversified Online Presence

V4 Wood Flooring’s multiple websites, each targeting a distinct customer segment, have significantly enhanced their ability to attract the right audience to the appropriate platform.

Key Achievements

  • In the three months following the website’s launch, V4 experienced a surge in calls and inquiries.
  • As natural search engine rankings improved, the company was able to scale back its Pay Per Click budget.
  • I conducted a thorough review of inbound links to avert any potential Google penalties due to low-quality links.
  • The enhanced content and a consistent layout led to increased page views and longer visitor retention.
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