Ideal Glass

Project Overview

I was introduced to Ideal Glass and Glazing several years ago, and since then, I’ve been pivotal in their WordPress development and Search Engine Optimisation. My efforts have yielded a significant return on investment, enabling them to purchase new vans and expand their workforce.

During their SEO campaign, I meticulously monitor their rankings in search results and compare them with their competition. This involves comprehensive keyword research, content writing, backlink analysis, fixing technical SEO issues, and consistently making recommendations for improvements.

From January to March 2018, the company witnessed such an influx of enquiries that they’re now planning to employ additional staff to meet the growing demand. Before my collaboration with Ideal Glass and Glazing, their website barely managed 1,000 visits a year. Now, thanks to my dedicated SEO efforts, they boast an average of 10,000 visits annually.

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Initial Challenges

When I first engaged with Ideal Glass and Glazing, they were experimenting with Facebook advertising and Pay Per Click, but struggled to track their return on investment. Their website, poorly constructed at the time, resulted in visitors spending minimal time on the site, often leaving after viewing just one page.

The first step I took was a complete redesign and rebuild of their website, giving it a more professional appearance. I enhanced the mobile responsiveness and significantly improved the website’s content. These changes led to visitors staying longer on the site, thereby increasing phone calls and enquiries.

SEO Results

Initially, Ideal Glass and Glazing weren’t ranking for crucial product and service keywords. My primary focus was on boosting their online visibility. Since my involvement, they now rank number 1 on Google for 500 keyword searches. Additionally, I refined their Google Analytics setup to better track vital visitor actions on their website.

SEO Rankings

My work with Ideal Glass and Glazing has brought them to the top of Google’s rankings for over 500 medium to high competition keyword searches.

Key Achievements

  • In 8 months, Ideal Glass and Glazing achieved a number 1 ranking in Google for over 60 keyword searches.
  • In 12 months, I increased their Organic SEO traffic by 986%, leading to a substantial increase in website enquiries.
  • From January to March 2018, the surge in enquiries propelled the company to consider expanding their staff.
  • I significantly improved their online visibility for product and service-related searches in the areas they operate.
  • Improved their backlink profile and got relevant links from authoritative websites in their industry
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